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Aspen Pet Furbuster Pet Hair Collector

Aspen Pet Furbuster Pet Hair Collector

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Product Description

When life with a pet gets hairy, turn to the brand you know and trust to take care of all your pet parent needs.  This Petmate Aspen Pet FurBuster Pet Hair Collector gently and effectively removes your furry friend’s hair from your clothing, your furniture, car seats, your carpet and rugs and more. The roller is self-cleaning and reusable so it is very economical.  It efficiently and effectively picks up your pet’s hair from practically any surface.   

The rubber-nubbed edge side of the device allows you to softly loosen the embedded hair with gentle rubs until you are ready to collect the hair with the fabric side of the brush.  Simply twist the handy knob to quickly clean the fabric so it is ready for the next time you want to use it.  When the compartment is full, just open the convenient door and toss out the unwanted hair.

The secure easy-grip handle won’t slide around in your hand and provides the ultimate in user comfort.  The dimensions are 1.8" X 4.4" X 9" and it weighs only 0.45 lbs. so it’s lightweight and super easy to maneuver.  Works for both cats and dogs of any breed and with any type of hair.


The handle on this is great and I really like the emptying compartment too because it cuts down on the after mess. It works well, just as described. My long haired dog looks forward to his brushings and now, I do too. This product is one I highly recommend to all dog parents.

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