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Aspen Pet Furbuster Pet Hair Magnet

Aspen Pet Furbuster Pet Hair Magnet

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Product Description

If it seems like your pet’s hair has fatal attraction, following you everywhere, just wait until you get your hands on the Petmate Aspen Pet FurBuster Pet Hair Magnet.  With an amazing uniquely designed 7" rubber blade, it draws your dog’s loose hair to it, making it the perfect device for getting Fido’s hair off your furniture, clothing, carpets, blankets, car seats and all other places where his hair can accumulate.  

This hair magnet tool actually picks up hair that vacuums can’t get to or suction up.  Simply rinse with water to clean it and pull the fur off with your hands.  The dimensions are 7.75" X 2" X 7.6" and it weighs a mere 0.63 lbs. for easy handling.


With 3 dogs and a cat, you might say I have a pet hair problem. This hair magnet really does work. It even has my girlfriend’s approval. It is easy to use and I use it all over the house and in my truck. Great product I have needed for a long time.

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