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Aspen Pet Furbuster Styptic Powder 2-Pack

Aspen Pet Furbuster Styptic Powder 2-Pack

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Product Description

Pup got a nick?  Stop bleeding fast when you apply to Aspen Pet FurBuster Styptic powder right onto any minor nail bleeding.  It stops blood in its tracts - fast and easy.  The cap on the applicator of the styptic dispenser is designed specifically to accurately pack the stick right into a quicked nail.  The attached nail file removes burrs from the cut nails very quickly and conveniently so your pup won’t be trying to lick the blood from his wound or track it around the house. 

The ingredients are Ferric Subsulfate, Talc, Bentonite, Silicon Dioxide, Benzocaine, and Ammonium Chloride.  The dimensions are 0.8" X 3.9" X 6" and it weighs just .1 lbs.  Get yours today...BEFORE you need it!


Thank God and Greyhound for this styptic stick.  I am not the world’s best puppy nail clipper and I nicked my dog pretty good.  Blood was beginning to pour but I had thought ahead and had the stick. I used it really quick. It did as described and went right into the quick area so it stopped bleeding right mess, no drama.  I don’t ever want to be without this stick, that’s for sure!

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