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Aspen Pet Kibble Keeper

Aspen Pet Kibble Keeper

Product Description

If you’re gonna fed your pet kibbles, you’ve gotta have a safe place to keep them.  Be sure beloved pet’s kibbles are kept safe, fresh, and out of his reach with the Petmate Aspen Pet Kibble Keeper. 

Perfect for dog or cat kibbles, this handy container keeps kibbles fresher than fresh, the whole year round. 

The Kibble Keeper is made of top-quality plastic that is very durable.  It conveniently stores a myriad of dry pet foods like kitty kibbles, dog and puppy food, birdseed, and even other items like pet bedding and cat litter. 

The unit features a snap-tight lid that keeps pests (and curious pets) out and ensures the food inside stays dry and fresh. 

An inset handle is on the bottom of the container when provides for effortlessly easy pouring and a stylish clear, translucent design lets you check to see how much food is remaining in the bin. 

Available in multiple sizes to choose from, the larger two sizes have storage space on the top of them so you can put treat, leashes or toys in and also has a snap in scoop right beneath the lid.  Proudly made in the USA. 

The dimensions, capacity, and weight are dependent on which one you choose.

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I had a problem with pests getting into my dog’s food.  The biggest culprit though was her.  She’s a puppy and is quite a piggy.  She would go straight for her food the minute I went out of the room.  I had no place up high to safely store it. I got this clear, airtight bin and have really enjoyed not having to worry about Tootsie getting into it and it keeps it bug free and fresh too. Oh, and it looks very nice.

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