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Aspen Pet Lebistro Waterer

Aspen Pet Lebistro Waterer

Product Description

Keep your pet healthy and hydrated at all times.  Your fur-friend needs water all the time and it can be dangerous, even fatal if he doesn’t have it. 

Thank goodness for the Petmate Aspen Pet Lebistro Waterer that relies on the magic of gravity to keep a constant supply of fresh water available to your beloved pet. 

Not only does it keep your pet with a never-ending supply of water, but this handy device also allows you to spend less time fussing over keeping his water bowl full and more time interacting with him. 

The top-notch, high-quality waterer keeps continuous fresh water in it all day and all night, all year round.  You can easily and quickly glance at the clear chamber to monitor when the waterer needs to be refilled. 

It features an innovative spill-resistant bowl that could actually save your pet’s life.  It also has an easy to clean bottle.  You can pick the perfect size waterer for your pets water drinking habits. 

Perfect for multi-pet households and for the hot summer months, this product is proudly made in the USA.   

The base of the Lebistro is completely dishwasher safe, but the Lebistro bottle should NOT be placed in the dishwasher although it is easy to clean with soap and water. 

The dimensions are 6.77" X 11.41" X 11.93", it has a 1-gallon capacity and weighs 1.31 lbs.

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Excellent waterer. I had one that the bowl tipped over very easily which was really bad. I threw it away. It was a cheapie though. This one cost a little bit more but works like a dream. I live in south Texas and count on this to keep my dog hydrated and alive when I am at work. Glad I can trust Petmate!

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