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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Aspen Pet Oval Bed with Bone Applique

Aspen Pet Oval Bed with Bone Applique

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Product Description

It can get rough, trying to get some z's so give your pet the Aspen Pet Oval Bed, that surrounds him in softness, so he can get his peaceful rest.  The bed is fashioned with an adorable and unique bone applique in the super plush sleeping area so he is surrounded in style and in softness.  It is great for small dogs, tiny toy breeds, and even little puppies and will literally hug your pet in softness.

The raised edge bolsters give your pet the security he years for while also sporting a 360° view so he can see all around while nesting and keeping out of drafts. The plush fabric is stuffed full with top-quality, high-loft, polyester fiber and has a bone appliqued on.  It is machine washable for quick and easy care and convenient cleanup. 

This durable, cozy bed looks great in any home décor and measures 20 x 16 inches.  The dimensions are 20" X 16" X 5.5' .and it weighs 1.17 lbs.


I got two of for each dog. It is super cute with the bone design and is so soft and comfy looking, I want to jump in. It looks great and is tough too. I cannot think of one thing that I am not happy with so I’d easily say I recommend this fine bed.

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