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Aspen Pet Paracord Dog Leash

Aspen Pet Paracord Dog Leash

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Product Description

If your pet is not comfortable behind his leash, you are in for nightmare when you try to train or walk him. But if he loves his leash, walking and training are a breeze.  Check out the Aspen Pet Paracord dog leash that is hand braided and intricately woven so it feels quite comfy but is strong at the same time.  It is thoughtfully designed with your dog’s peace and comfort in mind.  It is made of super durable 550 paracord. 

The five-foot corded leash compliments Aspen Paracord Pet collection collars for the ultimate doggie design.  The dimensions are 3/4" X 5' and it is lightweight for easy handling, weighing in at only .71 lbs.


This leash is lightweight but is very strong so it accommodates me since I have trouble with a problem shoulder and it accommodates my dog too because she is not crazy about a leash to begin with. It looks really nice with her matching collar. She tugs some and it is holding up well to that naughty habit that we are not able to work on.

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