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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Aspen Pet Plush/Suede Oval Lounger

Aspen Pet Plush/Suede Oval Lounger

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Product Description

The innovative Aspen Pet Plush/Suede Oval Foam Lounger Bed is oval to conform to your pet’s curl and to promote his need to burrow as well.  It is cuddly-soft because Petmate takes care oval your pet’s needs and desire with this fine bed.   It is absolutely perfect for furry friends to get their zzz’s in. 

The raised sides give him the security he needs and support his spine when he curls or his head and neck if he wants a little built-in pillow.  It also keeps cold or hot air and drafts at bay.  The orthopedic base features a very cozy and comfy polyurethane foam shell so the bed is able to retain its shape and give much-needed offering support and comfort.  

The lining on the exterior is soft and plush and can be tossed into the washing machine so you can keep your home and your pet’s sleeping quarters fresh and clean.  The bottom of the bed is no-skid for his safety and ships in assorted fun colors that go wonderfully in any home décor.  The dimensions are 23" x 17" x 7" and weighs in at 4.5 lbs.


Cute bed my dog really likes to sleep on. Yay! I got him off my bed and in one of his own. He does not like when I mess with it to wash the cover. My dog tends to nest a lot so it is not wearing in the least so it is pretty durable.  He is very protective of it which is funny. I like the color I got and recommend this bed.

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