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Aspen Pet Porta Lebistro Waterer

Aspen Pet Porta Lebistro Waterer

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Product Description

Never let your pet run out of life-sustaining water, even when you are on the go.  The Petmate Aspen Pet Porta Lebistro Waterer makes sure your pet is happy, healthy, and well-hydrated at all times.  It’s the ideal traveling companion. 

The innovative and integrated system cleverly combines ample water storage and a durable bowl into one unit.  It is awesome to take along to the lake, on walks, to the park, or even to the beach.  You can easily transport it in the car too.  It’s the perfect size to fill your pet’s watering needs. 

It measures in at 5" X 3" X 2.5" and weighs just .15625 lbs. for your traveling convenience.  Now, Fido never has to go without water again.


This bowl is great for my needs and the needs of my active dog.  I hike a lot and my dog, Ralph, always comes with me. It has been very inconvenient to take his water along until I got this Petmate Aspen Pet Porta Lebistro Waterer.  In fact, we used to have to leave because his water had spilled or had gotten too hot. Now, we can hike all day and I know he is staying well hydrated because of his new watering unit.

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