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Aspen Pet Quilted Gusseted Bed

Aspen Pet Quilted Gusseted Bed

Product Description

Now you can love the environment while loving your pet.  This innovative and environmentally friendly Petmate Aspen Pet Quilted Gusseted Bed is thoughtfully filled full of soft and fluffy recycled polyester fiber. 

It is designed for the needs of medium to large-sized breed dogs who like to burrow and stretch out before, during, and after their sleep.

 The luxurious look and feel of the cream-colored quilted plush fabric runs down the entire center of the dog bed, while the remainder of the bed is constructed of a fashionable forest green rich, carefully brushed shell fabric that has a stylish herringbone pattern.  

It is built to last and measures 40 inches long by 29 inches wide.  It weighs in at 4.5 lbs. and is super easy to clean.  Make sure your dog is comfortably sleeping in true style today!

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I’m not a big fan of green but I have to admit when the bed came, it fit right into the décor of my living room. My dog really likes lounging and sleeping on it. We even take it to the lake house with us. I think he would be upset to spend a night without it. It cleans easy and is very plush and comfortable.

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