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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Aspen Pet Round Animal Print Bed

Aspen Pet Round Animal Print Bed

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Product Description

This dog bed does circles around the rest.  Your pet will go wild over this Petmate Aspen Pet Round Animal Print Bed that surrounds him in pure softness.  The will surround your pet in softness while the shapes help promote his natural need to burrow and curl up.  A 360-degree view keeps him able to check out what’s going on around him while he is lounging or sleeping, safe and sound. 

The bed is thoughtfully filled full of comfortable and lush, top-quality poly fiberfill. It is super lightweight so it can be transported with ease and is machine washable too so you can keep Fido’s domain clean and fresh.  It measures 18 inches.  The dimensions are 18" X 18" and it weighs a mere. 3.5 lbs.


This is a bed we take with our dog on vacations and when I go visit my parents for any length of time. It gives him a spot he knows it is alright for him to be, where he feels safe even when we are not in familiar territory. It looks great so I don’t mind taking it along with me wherever I happen to be going. It is very lightweight and is easy to carry.

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