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Aspen Pet Self Warming Bolster Mat

Aspen Pet Self Warming Bolster Mat

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Product Description

Just wait until your pet warms up to the Petmate Aspen Pet Self-warming Bolster Mat.  It’s the ultimate in comfort and style.  It is made using the same technology as is used to construct space blankets.  Genius!  The innovative bolster mat is a safe and very convenient way to keep your pet cool in the summer months and warm in the cold winter months.  It actually operates by retaining your pet’s own body heat and no electricity is ever required.  No batteries are needed either.  The lamb’s wool plush fabric is super plush and cuddly.    

It is made with delightfully gorgeous contrasting corduroy that will hold up to anything your pet dishes out and looks nice in any home décor.  It is thoughtfully designed for wire and plastic and kennels to promote extra comfort against any elements.  An anti-skid fabric is on the bottom so it won’t slide around and it is very lightweight so you can easily transport it.  It is machine washable for easy care.  The measurements are 20.5" X 14" X 3", the weight range is 20-25 lbs. and it weighs 1.08 lbs. 


This mat is working wonders in our four pet household. There is a pet room we have made from an extra added-on room that stays cold in the winter and hot in the summer. It takes no batteries or electricity and adjusts to the needed temp for my pets.  I need a dozen more just like this.

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