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Aspen Pet Spiral Stake

Aspen Pet Spiral Stake

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Product Description

The Aspen Pet Spiral Stake helps keep your Spot in his spot. This spiral containment product anchors in all types of soil - soft, hard, and everything in between. Super simple to install, just screw the stake into the ground and it’s good to go. Available in a variety of sizes, the dual wedge plate anchors help to eliminate pullouts.

The domed style prevents the issues that can be caused by handles sticking out from the ground.  A 360-degree feature allows a tie out cable to be attached to the swivel ring for tangle free roaming in the designated place of your choice. The shaft is constructed of solid steel and is double welded. 

Large is 18” and accommodates dogs 100 lbs. and under, while the medium is 16” for dogs up to 50 lbs.


I needed a solution for keeping my dog put when I visit my girlfriend cuz he can’t go in her house. I don’t ever leave him home alone. I got this and a cable for very little money. It works great and my dog doesn’t mind it too bad. Very sturdy.

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