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Aspen Pet Take Two! Nylon Adjustable Cushion Grip Leash

Aspen Pet Take Two! Nylon Adjustable Cushion Grip Leash

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Product Description

Oh snap!  It’s never easy to leave one dog at home while you take the other one on a walk.  Walking two dogs two times takes time and causes friction.  Which dog gets to go first?  Which one is out the longest?  Your dogs are sure the other one is getting the preferred treatment.  There’s just no easy way. there” Thankfully, Petmate has you covered. 

This innovative Take Two! Nylon Adjustable Cushion Grip Leash makes it possible and practical to walk two dogs at one time a sheer snap!  The comfortable Cushion Grip Adjustable Leash solves all the problems of a dual dog walk.  The patented Y-shaped double dog leash never lets the leashes tangle because it has a tangle-free swivel joint.  Choose from a comfy, cushioned padded handle or a regular handle.  Works fabulously for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages.  The dimensions are 1" x 16.5" and it weighs in at only 0.76875 lbs. so it is conveniently easy to carry.


What a lifesaver! I had some serious sibling rivalry going on in my household of two dogs. The one I walked last always felt slighted.  Truth be told, the second one in line did get a shorter walk because I would be out of time and energy too. I love this double leash and so do my two dogs. We are working on the art of walking together so it is nice that their leashes never tangle. The handle is comfortable on my hands and the leashes are surprisingly lightweight but very strong and durable. Great product!

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