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Aspen Pet Tie-Out Chain

Aspen Pet Tie-Out Chain

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Product Description

Now you can keep your precious pooch secure and keep him out of trouble too.  This Petmate Aspen Pet Tie-out Chain is ideal when a fence is not an option.  Give your pet the freedom he longs for while keeping him safe and secure on this tie-out.  Constructed with a special rust-resistant zinc-plating, the innovative chain has unique durable iron swivel spring snaps at each end.  

All sizes and breeds of dogs are accommodated with the selections of medium and heavyweight chains.  Choose the perfect one for your pooch.  This is for use with dome stake, spiral stake, or trolley.  Never use more one trolley for more than one single pet and never leave aggressive dogs unattended.  Keep an eye on any dog who is chained to make sure he has plenty of water and is out of harm’s way.  The weight is 2.39 lbs.


I am hoping to move to a house with a fenced yard soon but until that is possible, this tie out is getting me and my dog by.  My dog is quite large and strong but the chain easily contains him. I am surprised it didn’t cost more because it is a very good unit. Good price. Good buy!

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