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Aspen Pet Tieout Tree Trolley

Aspen Pet Tieout Tree Trolley

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Product Description

Keep your pet happy while he’s safe and securely contained.  The Petmate Aspen Pet Tieout Tree Trolley is the perfect answer to the problem of not having a fenced area for your dog.  Now, he can be safe and out of trouble while he is contained but he will think he has all the freedom in the world.  The trolley configures easily for use with any single object that is fixed like a tree or a pole.  It even works in between two fixed objects, making it super convenient. 

The Aspen Pet Tree Trolly Tie-out is a fabulous containment solution for picnics, park outings, camping trips, and trips to Grandma’s.  It is 12' and weighs in at 1.54 lbs.  Never let your dog run free but never let him know he’s not.  Get the Petmate Aspen Pet Tieout Tree Trolley today.  Never put more than one pet on a single trolley at a time.


This is the most convenient way of containing my dog when we go to the lake. Some of the time, he is able to run free, when we are right with him at paying attention to him. But when we are busy, he needs to be contained or he would run off.  This is the best thing ever because it is very easy to find a tree or post to use to configure it to. Nice product.

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