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Aspen Pet Trolley Tieout

Aspen Pet Trolley Tieout

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Product Description

The Petmate Aspen Pet Trolley Tieout is the ultimate answer to the age-old problem of keeping a pet contained.  When a fence is not available, it is still necessary to keep your dog safe and secure.  You also must make sure he is not a bother to others. 

This Tieout will make him feel as if he does have freedom but will also keep him securely contained.  It easily configures for use with a single fixed object or in between two fixed objects.  It is designed to contain one animal per trolley. Never leave aggressive animals unattended and always check on any animal that is tied up.  This Pet Tree Trolley is perfect for picnics, camping, going to visit friends and relatives, and park outings.  It measures 12' and weighs just 1.54 lbs.  Get yours today and get a grip on containing your dog.


We take this for our dogs wherever we go where there isn’t a fence.  We have two dogs and two Trolley Tieouts. They are really easy to use and work great. They are super strong too.

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