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Booda 2 Knot Colossal Rope Bone For Dogs

Booda 2 Knot Colossal Rope Bone For Dogs

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Product Description

Double your dog’s fun when you give him the multi-colored Petmate Booda 2-Knot Colossal Rope Bone for Dogs.  It’s like two treats in one.  Grrreat for engaging in interactive play with your pooch or for solo play as well, this innovative Petmate Booda toy not only entertains your dog, it is an easy and super fun way to floss his teeth and gums in order to prevent cavities and dental disease.  

This toy is machine washable to ensure cleanliness and consists of tightly twisted, extra-durable cotton for endless chomping and playing fun.  The dimensions are 5" X 3" X 19" and it weighs only .33 lb. for easy in tossing, fetching, cuddling, and toting around.


Great toy that I feel good about. My dog is prone to dental issues like gum problems. My vet actually suggested getting this product and I did. My dog loves it, especially when we play fetch with it. He chews on it rather than giving it back which he thinks is sneaky but of course it is what I am wanting him to do. Very durable and isn’t unraveling after four months so it is a hit!

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