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Booda Bellies

Booda Bellies

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Product Description

Bellie toys, like belly rubs, are something that dogs just can’t seem to get enough of.  These innovative, fun Petmate Booda Bellies for dogs are super cute, irresistible plush toys your dog will go wild over.  Just wait until your Fido sinks his teeth into these!  Characters include a Polar Bear to warm up to and a Giraffe that will provide long hours of fun. 

They have big ole squeezable bellies that make loud grunting noises that will delight and bewilder your pup.  The dimensions are 11" X 6" X 15" and the weight is 0.50625 lb. so they are lightweight enough for your dog to carry around.  These toys are excellent for large dogs and are very gentle on your dog’s mouth but are durable to withstand some serious chomping.  Keep your dog entertained with a grunter today!


All pet parents should get one of these grunty toys for their dogs. It is hilarious to watch them play with them. I have two dogs and got two grunters. I am more entertained than they are, perhaps. I could watch them all day long. They are very cute and durable and are fabulous toys.

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