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Brandon McMillan Lure Stick

Brandon McMillan Lure Stick

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Product Description

For bone-ified great dog training, your dog needs to focus.  Lure his attention with this Brandon Mcmilan Lure Stick Training Tool that gets the job done, dog-gone fast.  Designed by the world famous professional trainer, Brandon McMilan, known for his book “Lucky Dog Lessons: Train your Dog is 7 Days”, this training too is a fantastic reward and redirecting tool too. 

Easily teach your dog to stop pulling back on his leash with this positive reward training lure and redirect his attention back to you in a 100% force-free manner.  Safely and effectively redirect bad behavior such as lunging aggressively as well.  With an extension on 31 inches, this lure stick is ideal for small and short dogs because you don’t have to squat, crouch or bend down to give it to them. 

This innovative retractable design lets you put your pup’s favorite treat inside with the soft, durable springs holding it in lightly so your bff can take out the treat with ease.  The device sports a patented belt clip so you can attach it conveniently.  Train like the pros with this state-of-the-art training tool that is force-free, comfortable and compact.  The length is 31" when extended.


At first, I was lost with this lure stick tool.  I had no clue how to use it. But I looked up information about Brandon McMilan’s training techniques and this has become a most valuable tool. I may have the best-trained dog on the block. I especially like that it is all done with positive reinforcement. Great construction on the lure and great price too.

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