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Chuckit! Hydrosqueeze Ball

Chuckit! Hydrosqueeze Ball

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Product Description

Looking for a cool, new toy for your pup?  The Petmate Chuckit! Hydrofreeze Ball dog toy is the hottest cool toy for dogs.  It holds water and is designed to be frozen for a refreshing toy to play with.  Every ball comes with a unique sleeve that you can slide on the ball that will keep the ball in place as you let it freeze in the freezer. 

The hydro water toy is the perfect way to keep your pooch cooled off in the warm and hot months and even helps when teething.  It’s bright orange so it is fun and cheery and highly visible and is ideal for playing an interactive game of fetch with.  Fun for land and on water too, this great toy is simply cool.  The dimensions are 6.3x4.17x2.99 and it weighs in at 0.46 LB.  Make sure your pup is the coolest dog on the block today!


I live in Texas. The summers here are dangerously hot. Still, my dog needs his outside time. I got this dog toy hoping to keep him cooled off a bit when he’s outdoors playing and I am quite happy with it. He enjoys it greatly. It is well built because he is a chewer and has not made so much as a dent in the ball. If you live in a hot climate, please do you doggie a favor and get him one.

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