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Chuckit! Indoor Tumbler

Chuckit! Indoor Tumbler

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Product Description

Rain, rain, go away...or...not!  When it’s too wet, cold, or hot to play outside, you might as well bring the fun inside.  You know, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!  The Petmate Chuckit! Indoor Tumbler is the ideal toy to take the boredom and dreariness out of being stuck inside the house.  It is awesome for a game of interactive fetch on hardwood floors. 

The dog toy is thoughtfully constructed of textured chenille that is a super soft fabric so it’s easy on your dog’s mouth and easy on your furniture, walls, and flooring too.  Perfect for puppies and small dogs, it features Bounceflex Core Technology for a safe, soft bounce.  It is compatible with the Chuckit! Indoor Launcher which can be purchased separately. 

This vividly colored, no-slobber, hands-free pickup toy is for supervised, interactive play and is not recommended for chewing when unsupervised.  The dimensions are 4" X 4" and it weighs in at only 0.26 lb.  Get your indoor fun on today!


Love this toy. My dogs don’t have a good play area outside so we tried out this toy. It sure gets some energy out of them without being destructive to the house. It is well made but I agree that it is not cut out to be a chew toy to leave them alone with. It serves its purpose though and I recommend it, for sure.

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