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Chuckit! Pro LX Erratic Ball

Chuckit! Pro LX Erratic Ball

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Product Description

Sporadic, erratic...that’s what dogs love!  If your dog loves the surprise of the unpredictable, he will go bonkers over the Petmate Chuckit! Pro LX Erratic Ball that uses a highly reflective lens innovative technology to allow you and your dog to Find The Ball Fast!  

The durable rubber ball features squared corners that give in an erratic bounce that will intrigue and amaze your favorite four-legged friend for hours upon hours of fun.  It is a fun, erratic way to add excitement to the game of fetch challenging and interesting for your pup.  There is an iconic integrated LED flashlight that is located right inside the launcher handle. All you have to do is to simply shine the LED towards the reflective lens that can be found just inside the ball and you’ll be able to find your ball at up to 50+ yards away.  You’ll never lose sight of your ball in the dark again!  Your dog can rest easy and know his fun doesn’t have to end just because the sun is setting. 

The Pro LX Erratic Ball thoughtfully contains Max Glow® rubber technology which absorbs light effectively and quickly so it glows for up to 30 minutes of after dark play.  This ball works with the Chuckit! Pro LX Launchers.  Be sure to supervise your dog with this toy and all toys.  It is for interactive, supervised play only.  The dimensions are 3.56" x 2.4" x 4.3" and it weighs in at just 0.23 LB.  Get your glow going today!


Ha!  Loads of fun. The ball really glows good and is very bouncy and durable. It only glows for maybe a half hour but it was still a lot of fun. Good toy and a good purchase. My dog loves the erratic bouncing of it. Just when he thinks he’s got it all figured out, it bounces elsewhere. Very entertaining to watch!

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