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Chuckit! Pro LX Whistle Ball

Chuckit! Pro LX Whistle Ball

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Product Description

Whistle while you chunk it!  Picture your favorite furry one’s face when this Petmate Chuckit!®Pro LX Whistle Ball flies through the air, whistling as it goes, utilizing a highly reflective lens technology to enable it to Find The Ball Fast!  

There are four dynamically placed strategic holes in the innovative, state of the art, high-bouncing durable rubber ball that produces a whistle as it soars across the sky.  Guaranteed to keep your pup focused and engaged, this ball will amaze and baffle him.  The integrated long-lasting LED flashlight located right inside the handle of the launcher makes it shine the LED toward the reflective lens that is inside the ball. 

Now, you and your pup can find the ball up to 50 or more yards away so you never have to worry about losing a ball in the dark again!  This fine Whistling Ball works with Petmate Chuckit! Pro LX Launchers.  It is 3.56" x2.4" x4.3" and it weighs only 0.23 LB for ultimate play and portability.  Get your dog one today!


This toy is so much fun. I don’t know who likes it more, me or my two dogs. It is great because it’s different. It makes noise like a whistle, flies through the air, and lights up too. It is light enough the dogs can carry it around but there is one problem...they both want it. Guess I’ll be ordering another one soon. Recommended for all dog parents!

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