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Dogzilla Dino Claw Dog Toy

Dogzilla Dino Claw Dog Toy

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Product Description

Give me five!  This dog toy is genius because it is designed to fully engage your pup's five senses!  The Petmate Dogzilla Dino Claw Dog Toy is delightfully fun for your dog to play with.  It features a super fun dinosaur shaped outer claw that is all wrapped up around a super bouncy tennis ball.  

Excellent for a great game of fetch or for solo pup play, entertaining himself, this innovative Claw Toy will keep your dog occupied and an occupied dog is...a good dog!  The claw causes the erratic bounce of this durable ball is erratic so it keeps your dog guess, great for his brain, and it goes all over the place which is great for his physical exercise. 

The bumpy part cleans his teeth, massages his gums and feels funny too.  The tennis ball inside can be taken out and played with separately.  This two in one toy can’t be beaten.  The dimensions are 3.2" X 3.41" X 3.5" and it weighs in at only 0.34 lb. so it can easily be tossed.


My Irish Setter chews like there’s no tomorrow. He has chewed most of my shoes up, my chair, and some of my clothes.  He really just needed a toy to keep him occupied. This toy helps keep him out of trouble. He hasn’t stopped chewing completely but he has gotten much better. This toy is cheap but durable and we have a lot of fun playing with it together. Three months and it still bounces very good.

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