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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Dogzilla Dino Links Dog Toy

Dogzilla Dino Links Dog Toy

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Product Description

Take FIVE...five senses that is!  This awesome dog toy is designed to engage your pooch’s five senses.  The innovative and fun Dogzilla Dino Links are made from safe and tightly woven rope and are constructed of tough rubber so they are ideal for a great game of fetch. or an interactive game such as tug-of-war.  The unique raised bumpy texture stimulates your furry one’s gums and promotes positive dental health too. 

The construction is very durable so it holds up well to even the toughest chompers.  Of course, you always want to supervise your dog when he is playing with toys and if they show any signs of wear and tear, take them from his reach.  Stimulate your dog’s interest today with this fine five senses toy!


My dog is four years old but he still loves to chew. I worry about him chewing on things he’s not supposed to chew on and even some toys that are for chewing. This toy is very tough and is fun too. Keeps him engaged and interested. I recommend it for the heavy chewer in your life.

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