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Dogzilla Knobby Treat Ball

Dogzilla Knobby Treat Ball

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Product Description

Your dog will be the king of Knobhill when you give him this Petmate Dogzilla Knobby Treat Ball.  Perfect for chompers, chewers and teethers, this adorable, durable rubber treat ball is just what the vet ordered to keep your dog from chewing on the sofa and slippers. 

The ball’s tough rubber "teeth" grab your dog’s treats so he’ll stay engaged and interested plus, it will make his treats last longer and discourage overeating or overtreating.  The innovative Knobby texture actually gently stimulates his gums so it promotes his dental health.  It is infused with chicken flavor so you can rest assured he will engage in chewing.  You can also open it up and fill with treats.  It is constructed of durable rubber. 

As a precaution, please note that although we definitely consider our dog toys to be some of the toughest and safest in the world, all the same, we highly recommend that you supervise your dog during play time, and be sure to remove the toy from your dog if it becomes damaged or if there are parts which become separated.  

There is no dog toy is indestructible and some dogs are just downright ruff on them.  A bit of caution never hurt any pet or pet parent.  Furthermore, your dog loves when you play along with him anyway.  The dimensions of this brightly colored, rough and rugged, Knobby Treat Ball is 3.5" x 3.5" and it weighs .23 LB.  Get your dog’s Knobby today!


My dog really enjoys this ball. He loves the chicken flavoring. I love that it keeps him from pigging out and that it satisfies his need to choose. Nice toy for him. Very durable. I like this brand.

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