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Dogzilla Tough Tools

Dogzilla Tough Tools

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Product Description

Nail down some big fun for your four-legged furry friend with these innovative Petmate Dogzilla Tough Tools that are the perfect addition to your dog’s toolbox.  Constructed of high-quality, durable thermoplastic resin, these tools are perfect for teething pups and chewers of all sizes, ages, and breeds.  The raised bumps on the tools help him clean his teeth while they sooth and massage his gums. 

Available in Hammer, Monkey Wrench, and Wrench, these great dog tools ship in assorted fun styles.  The dimensions are 7.7" X 2.4" X 0.98" and they weigh just 0.33 LB so they are super lightweight for him to tote or chomp on.  Give your dog the perfect tools to quit chewing up things that aren’t safe and chomp constructively!


I’m in construction so I had to have these for my puppy when I saw them.  I actually have the entire set now. They are great for him to chew on rather than the sofa and my boots. They are durable and soft enough they don’t hurt his mouth. Great teethers!

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