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FAT CAT Catfisher Teasers - Worm Wand

FAT CAT Catfisher Teasers - Worm Wand

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Product Description

Go fish!  It’s “reel” fun.  This Fat Cat Catfisher Teaser Worn Wand makes fishing fun for both you and your furry feline.  Just twirl and tug and watch your cat go crazy (in a good way). 

This plush, juicy worm helps you and your cat bond in play while your cat is stimulated mentally and physically.  The worm even contains Zoom Around the Room organic catnip that is proudly grown in the USA. 

This durable, brightly toy sports a black and white “fishing line” and a brightly colored enticing plush worm. It is 36”x2” and weighs 0.12 lbs.


The best toy my cat has ever had.  I especially like that I get to spend time playing with my cat and she can get her exercise because she’s strictly an indoor cat and can get lazy. This toy has solved that problem. She really loves it and so do I. I have had it a month now and it is holding up well.

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