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Fat Cat Classic Dog Toy Rings

Fat Cat Classic Dog Toy Rings

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Product Description

Ring in some big fun when you give your dog something wild to chase after.  His natural hunting instincts will come alive with tough flyer toy.  The innovative and extremely fun Petmate FAT CAT Dog Toy Ring is specially made to take to the sky for high flying fun.  It provides you dog something to chase which satisfies his chasing urge, promotes physical stimulation, and provides mental exercise as well. 

This toy is made to last with triple-stitched seams, extra heavy duty rope and a durable, element-proof canvas for long-lasting regular use. This toy soars and is flexible and soft so it is easy on your pup’s mouth, gums, and teeth.  It Is available in the adorably cute characters of Chuck-A-Duck or Hurl-A-Squirrel in the perfect weight and size to keep your pooch soaring back for more.  It ships in assorted styles and colors.  The dimensions are 9.5" X 9.5" and it weighs in at 0.333 LB for the ultimate in entertainment and ease in handling.  Get your high flying fun toy today.


Lots of fun for my dog and lots of fun for me as well.  I like that both my dog, Earl, and I get a lot of exercise playing with this toy. It is holding up well. We have flown it in our yard, at the beach, and at the dog park. He is getting better at judging where it will land and is full of anticipation. Very happy with this product.

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