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Fat Cat Classic Floppability

Fat Cat Classic Floppability

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Product Description

This dog toy is a flop...but in a good way!  The Petmate Fat Cat Floppability toy gives your dog something clucky to explore and keeps him out of trouble, especially for the time you have to spend away from him.  He’ll be mentally and physically stimulated with the floppy parts of feet and wings that whack him here and then when shaken. 

It is constructed of heavy-duty canvas so it will hold up to his chewing needs and contains a tantalizing squeaker for even more fun at play.  The dimensions are 3" X 5" X 15" and it weighs 0.42 lbs., making it ideal for pups of all sizes and ages.


This toy is great for when I am gone but I also love to watch my puppy play with it. It is so cute as it flops and whacks her in the head as she snoops and chases it. It is constructed well and she hasn’t even been able to put a dent in it while chomping to get to the squeaker.


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