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FAT CAT Crazy Circle

FAT CAT Crazy Circle

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Product Description

This FAT CAT Crazy Circle is simply amazing.  The toy is perfectly purple and is great for interaction with your fave feline with a bright yellow ball that is inside a circular track housed on the outside, stimulating him physically and mentally too.  He will have a blast batting the inner ball and attempting to get it out.  Batteries are not needed for this fun toy. 

The ball is safely enclosed in a durable circle, constructed of solid plastic.  Openings of the side of the toy allow for it to be manipulated and moved around.  Your kitty will be wild trying to get the ball out and is sure to get his exercise as he does so.  Proudly made in the USA, the toy measures 9.8”x3x0.9” and it weighs 1.13 lbs.


I think my kitty looks forward to me going to work because that is when I let her play with her Crazy Circle.  When I get home, I can sit and watch her play for hours. It is an amazing toy, well worth the little money it costs. It is well built too.

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