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FAT CAT Funny Bones

FAT CAT Funny Bones

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Product Description

No bones about it, these FAT CAT Funny Bones are a dog’s delight for catchin’ and fetchin’.  They are the ultimate size for hours of endless fun for Fido.  With a protected squeaker strategically placed at one end, the crinkle material makes a sound that curiously beckons your pup to play. Available in micro and standard sizes, these tail-wiggling treat toys are guaranteed to please dogs of all ages and sizes. Made of durable construction for even the most avid chewer. 

The dimensions are 1.8" X 5.5" X 4" and the weight is 0.111 lbs.


I am treat training my dog with toys so he doesn’t get too obese (which is common for Bassetts). These little toys are excellent to use so I bought several of them. Training is going well thanks to the fun crinkle and squeakers that reward him for a job well done.

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