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FAT CAT Mischief Makers Beaver

FAT CAT Mischief Makers Beaver

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Product Description

It is said that some breeds of dogs get so bored, they could eat a tree.  That’s what beavers do!  This fun toy can be rolled, tossed, and toted around by your dog’s teeth.  It provides hours of endless entertainment to keep your furry friend out of trouble. 

The Petmate FAT CAT Mischief Makers dog toy is fun for all featuring floppability which is a term of endearment given to toys that have the ultimate when it comes to floppy parts that will whack you pup as he shakes it about.  The toy also has the crackle factor in the tail which fascinates canines.  And if that isn’t enough, add in a squeaker.  Guaranteed to entice your bored pup to play, this toy has it all and is built to last too.  It should be used for supervised play and can be solo or interactive. 

The dimensions are 6" X 2.5" X 12" and it weighs just 0.12 LB so it is easy to toss or tote.  Made of durable plush material that is cuddly and fun for all.


I’m not sure this keeps my dog out of mischief or not but it does keep him busy. It is noisy but he loves it so I am a good pet parent who just lets him go at it. It is durable, for sure. Perfect size and very cute. I recommend it and would like to get the other ones for him too.

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