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FAT CAT Mischief Makers Jackalope

FAT CAT Mischief Makers Jackalope

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Product Description

Got a troublemaker in the house?  Ironically, this little Mischief Makers help your dog stay OUT of trouble. That’s right!  Prevent boredom and mischief with the Petmate FAT CAT Mischief Makers Jackalope.  This super fun toy gives your four-legged friend something useful to do.  From romping in the flower garden to rolling around in the attic, the Jackalope gets into all sorts of trouble.  Toss ‘em and see.  Watch the chaos begin! 

The toy is well constructed for safety and durability.  It has a squeaker secured inside to capture your dog’s attention and promote hours of floppy fun.  As your dog shakes the toy, the floppy parts will whack him upside the head, instigating even more fun and action.  It also has a crackle feature that intrigues dogs’ interest.  Stimulate your bored pet both physically and mentally.  Get your dog a Mischief Maker and keep him occupied and out of trouble. 

This toy is recommended for supervised play.  Be sure to get the right size for your pet and remember that it is not a child’s toy.  The dimensions are 9" X 2.5" X 10" and it weighs just 0.02 LB for convenient toting and tossing.


My dog tries to devour this toy but to no avail. It is a challenge to him that keeps him occupied. He loves the squeaker. It is very well made, very durable. Very cute, even when it’s just laying on the floor or sofa. I intend to get the other ones too so he can give this one a much needed break.

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