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FAT CAT Scratchy Mat Doorknob Hanger

FAT CAT Scratchy Mat Doorknob Hanger

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Product Description

Tired of your kitty scratching your sofa?  Try the FAT CAT Scratchy Mat Doorknob Hanger and get your sofa back.  This innovative invention is a great diversionary device that will help protect your belongings stuff from cat scratch fever and mass destruction!  Cats go wild over this, rubbing their feet parts over the rough surfaces.  It also allows them to keep their nails groomed and helps them stretch and tone their muscles too. 

The USA made, organic Zoom Around the Room catnip encourages you kitty to engage and get his scratch on.  A removable toy feather promotes mental and physical stimulation.  The dimensions are 0.5" X 6" X 16.5" and it weighs in at .375 lbs.  Zoom on down and get your pretty kitty one today.


This is a nice toy that my cat loves because of the feather and the catnip. She gets her nails manicured the fun and easy way. The toy takes up practically no room and is not in the way at all so that’s a plus.

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