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FAT CAT Wiener Links

FAT CAT Wiener Links

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Product Description

Only cool pups get hot dogs!  These FAT CAT Wiener Links are the ultimate chew toy for tiny chewers and teething pups, guaranteed to help them get their chomp on.  The heavy-duty canvas is durable for hours of gnawing and the rope is built to last through chewing, tugging and all other forms of ruff housing. 

Great for your dog’s dental health, this toy is the ultimate teether ever.  Even the rubber pickles soothe gums and stimulate relief.  The dimensions are 1" X 4.5" X 9" and it weighs 0.34 lbs.  Perfect for pups in the teething stage as well as all other dogs who just want to take a bite out of boredom.


My Lab puppy wanted to chew on everything because of his teething. I purchased this adorable toy and it has calmed him incredibly. It is very tough and seems to be soothing his pain too.

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