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Impact Colossal 750

Impact Colossal 750

Product Description

Say hello to your new favorite way to house and transport your dog. Longer lasting than plastic models, each stationary crate is made from American-made high quality .063 aluminum with a powder coated finish, meaning it’s both heavy duty, lightweight, and will help reflect heat away from your pup. Customer assembly required.


  • 750 stationary ships assembled and may not fit through standard house doors.
  • NOTE: Ventilation rows vary depending on crate size. 500 Stationary shown.
  • Inside Dimension: 35” Wide x 42” Tall x 48” Long 
  • Outside Dimensions: 37.5” Wide x 43” Tall x 48.5” Long 

 Impact Colossal 750 Dog Crate Colors

Collapsible Dog Crate 

Impact Dog Crates are American made of high-quality aluminum. Say goodbye to dog crate storage woes. Impact Dog Crates durable aluminum dog crate conveniently collapses to less than eight inches tall.

This crate can be set up or taken down in seconds. Constructed of sturdy .063 aluminum makes this crate light as well as corrosion resistant. The crate comes in a powder coated finish that helps reflect heat away from your animal.

It is not recommended to use a collapsible dog crate if your pet has any anxiety issues or is an escape artist. We recommend our high anxiety or our stationary dog crates for these special needs.

Inside Dimension: 35” Wide x 41” Tall x 54” Long 

Outside Dimensions: 38” Wide x 42” Tall x 55” Long 


Title Detail
Airline Approved IATA and CR 82 Compliant
Assembly Shipped Assembled
Hardware Stainless Steel Slam Latch
Stackable Crates Are Stackable When Stacking The Same Size Crates Together
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty On All Manufactured Parts

Need help with finding the right dog crate size for your pet? See our Dog Crate Size Breed Chart.

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