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Jackson Galaxy Asteroid Puzzle Treat Toy

Jackson Galaxy Asteroid Puzzle Treat Toy

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Product Description

This Jackson Galaxy Asteroid Puzzle Treat Toy will send your kitty into orbit.  He’ll become a true puzzle mister with hours of challenging fun when he gets a piece of this innovative puzzle toy. 

Simply insert his favorite treat and roll the ball.  It’s a great way to keep him occupied and out of trouble when you are away or just need some cat parent downtime. He’ll learn how to treat himself once he gets the hang of getting the treats out of the puzzle ball.  Push the nubs in further once he masters it to level up on difficulty.  The outer shell is translucent so he can keep the treats in view while working the puzzle strategy. 

This toy, by Jackson, engages in your cats “raw instinct” to pounce and swat and helps him become self-assured too.  Most cat treats fit in this 2.6"x2"x3.5" .1.8 lb. toy.


I was needing a cat toy to keep my kitty busy while I am away at work. This puzzle treat toy was the perfect answer. It is constructed really well because she really swats it good. She is so proud of herself when she gets one out. Great kitty puzzle!

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