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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Jackson Galaxy Bobbler

Jackson Galaxy Bobbler

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Product Description

Bob it.  Bat it.  Swat it.  This Petmate Jackson Galaxy Bobbler is the ultimate delight for your favorite feline.  For hours of entertainment and engagement, your cat will have the time of his life playing with this colorful feathered-topped tip and toss gem.  The soft bobbler will entice him while the weighted round bottom makes for haphazard, unpredictable movement that will stimulate him both physically and mentally as he bounces, pounces and plays. 

The dimensions are 4" X 6" X 2.36" and weighs just 0.08 lbs., the perfect size for maximizing play.


My cat, Felix, is a stinker when it comes to toys. He is very finicky. This toy is one of the only ones he likes. He is so cute because after he has played with it, he goes and hides it as if I, or one of the dogs in the house, will steal it.  Amazingly, it is holding up very nicely even though it is played with daily for hours.

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