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Jackson Galaxy Cat Crawl

Jackson Galaxy Cat Crawl

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Product Description

Cats love to crawl through interesting and curious little spots.  Maximize your cat’s natural instinct to crow with this Jackson Galaxy Cat Crawl - the well-made cool mesh tunnel of fun that lets your cat experience the fun of the wild without ever leaving the safety of his home.  The tunnel is constructed of a super strong, solid nylon to encourage him to stalk and ships in a variety of fun spiral designs in eye-catching colors for your cat’s ultimate pleasure.  Metal supports to ensure the toy will stay intact no matter what your feline dishes out. 


This is the best deal I have ever gotten in the way of a cat toy.  I have had it two years now and it’s still going strong.  My cats love it and it is easy to bring out and put up.  Obviously it is well made because the cats haven’t exactly been easy on it and it is still in great shape.

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