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Your Trusted Source for Pet News and Product Reviews
Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon

Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon

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Product Description

To your cat, comfort is everything!  Accommodate your furry feline in true leisurely style with the Jackson Galaxy Comfort Cocoon bedding that give him a quiet and safe spot to sleep or chill.  Thoughtfully designed with two exits for a speedy escape (also important to your beloved cat), this bed is made of comfy 100% polyester fleece and is available in great colors.  The zipper can be left opened or closed, perfect for cats that like to burrow in their covers.  The dimensions are 20" X 16.5" X 1" and it weighs .33 lbs.


My cat is older and gets easily overwhelmed. I got this for her and put it in the corner of the room. It looks quite comfortable and she really likes it. When people come to visit or things get busy and loud, she goes to her solace space. It is washable and well made. I highly recommend the Cocoon, especially for cats that are less than social.

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