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Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Cat Toy

Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Cat Toy

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Product Description

Cats love to fish.  It’s just in their bones.  The Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Cat Toy satisfies your favorite feline’s urge to catch.  It is a self-activating toy he’ll play with day in and day out because it stimulates his mind and gets him in action.  The toy is a puzzle he can work, slowly feeding his food out to him as a reward, perfect for solo play when pet parents are away.  Simply place treats or food between the tails of the fish and let him catch his own food which is fabulous for cats that eat too fast or too much. 

These fishtails are made of durable silicone which has a texture that will tantalize him and entertain him too.  You’ll satisfy his instinctive need to hunt while keeping him engaged.  The base is constructed of a sturdy melamine base sporting rubber feet that make it not slide around.  The tails can easily be removed in order to clean them and the base can go in the dishwasher.  It measures in at 12.8" X 12.8" X 3.15" and weighs 1.88 lbs.


My cat eats out of boredom and the vet said she needed to drop a few pounds.  I found this online due to her recommendation. I had never heard of such a feeder. It is working well to get rid of her boredom and to help her not eat so much. I recommend it to all who have a similar problem.

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