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Jackson Galaxy Gravity Tower

Jackson Galaxy Gravity Tower

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Product Description

Defy gravity with this innovative new cat toy.  The Jackson Galaxy Gravity Tower provides all your cat needs to engage and get his exercise on.  It bounces, tips, tops and even spins.  The magnetic movement means you will never need batteries in it and your cat will be able to play with it for hours on end, batting and pouncing like kitties were made to do. 

The different textured toys bring an air of colorful fun and they fit on the ends of the pegs which encourage cats to indulge in physical and mental activity.  The base of the Gravity Tower is wide and weighted so you never have to worry it will fall and hurt your favorite feline as it wobbles and spins to 360 degrees.  The toy measures in at 7.8" X 6" X 10" and weighs 1.52 lbs.


My cat was scared to death of this toy at first.  Once she warmed up to it, she has really come to love it. She swats and bats and stalks it too.  Thank goodness it is sturdy and has a wide, weighted base because she really gets into it.  I highly recommend this fun toy if you have a cat that likes to play and be active or if you have a cat you would like to encourage to play and be active.

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