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Jackson Galaxy Puma Paw

Jackson Galaxy Puma Paw

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Product Description

Delight your favorite feline with a Jackson Galaxy Puma Paw.  Made of super soft polypropylene cords of brightly colored yarn, the irregular shape makes for erratic and unpredictable movements which will send you kitty scampering to catch it.  Promotes brain activity, motor skill function, and exercise. 

Available in USA grown catnip infused balls or plain.  For doubling your fun, the Puma Paws come in packs of two.  Get your cat’s pounce on today!


I originally bought the catnip one for my new kitten but she didn’t care for it so I purchased the regular one without the nip. She loves when I toss it to her and will play with it for long periods of time. Very durable. Price quite fair.

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