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Jackson Galaxy Refillable Twisted Kicker

Jackson Galaxy Refillable Twisted Kicker

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Product Description

Kick it with your cat and play all day! The Petmate Jackson Galaxy Refillable Twisted Kicker puts the fun in your cat’s nine lives by encouraging his natural instincts to attack prey and stalk with bunny kicks. 

The Twisted Kicker is made from durable denim and features a sisal midsection which can hold catnip stuffing.  Just fill the pouch with Jackson Galaxy Organic Catnip and place it back in.  Make your kitty’s day with the refreshing, stimulating mysterious powers of catnip, sure to have him playing and kicking in no time.  The Kicker comes with a complimentary sample of Jackson Galaxy Organic Catnip.  Refills are sold separately. 

The dimensions are 10.5x2.8x2.8 and it weighs just 0.15 LB.  Nip your cat’s boredom in the bud today!


I really like watching my cat play with this toy. The catnip gets her attention engaged and then, she pounces and plays like she did as a kitten. I feel it is very good for her to act young again because she was just sitting around the house doing nothing before I got her this fun toy. I bought more catnip because it really puts a nice touch on the play time.  Good product in every way.

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