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JW Cataction Wand Cat Toy

JW Cataction Wand Cat Toy

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Product Description

Like waving a magic wand, this JW Cataction Wand Cat Toy works a spell on even the laziest cat, sending it into action.  The want is excellent for interactive play with your cat as it is flexible to test your cat’s agility and to stimulate him to jump and get some exercise, mentally and physically, as he pounces and bounces.  The elastic band allows cats to tug and pull.  Built to last, the toy comes in assorted designs including the Feather, Flower Ball and Hol-ee Roller. 

The dimensions are 18" X 4.5" X 1.5" and it weighs 0.17 lbs.


Best cat toy ever. It is very strong and durable. My cat has come alive with this fun wand cat toy. We got the feather one and it’s a lot of fun for my cat who is curious about the feather.

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