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JW Evertuff Bone 2Pk Chicken & Peanut Butter

JW Evertuff Bone 2Pk Chicken & Peanut Butter

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Product Description

Did someone say chicken...AND peanut butter?  It just doesn’t get any better...if you’re a dog, that is.  This Petmate JW EverTuff Chicken & Peanut Butter pup chew is fun and delicious plus it helps prevent destructive, naughty behavior by giving your dog a non-toxic, safe toy that engages and entertains him for hours on end.  It is very durable so there are no worries he’ll chew it to bits.  It is stronger than most chewies and teethers. 

Great for puppies, dogs who loved to chew, and most all sizes and breeds of dogs, the Evertuff bone is constructed of non-toxic nylon that is super tough.  It can be filled with peanut butter or many other dog treat fillers for your dogs added chewing satisfaction.  

This great toy also helps promote great dental health and satisfies his natural instinct to chew and chomp.  Excellent for aggressive chewers, teething puppies and dogs that like chewing, the traditional bones are available in multiple sizes and flavors.  The dimensions are 4.9375 X 1" X 7.375" and it weighs 0.43 LB. Get your pup’s healthy chomp on today!


My dog is crazy about peanut butter so I made sure that is what he got in this fun bone. He is learning some new tricks because he begs for them. Great item for dog parents!

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