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JW Gripsoft Cat Brush

JW Gripsoft Cat Brush

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Product Description

Grooming your cat or kitten can be a hairy experience but the JW Gripsoft Cat Brush makes it a soft and pleasurable time for both you and your favorite feline.  This innovative, well-built brush combines this newly designed pin brush with a slicker brush for the ultimate in grooming. 

The standard square shape of the brush provides pins at an angle for a slicker and the rounded, soft tips of a pin.  The brush is gentle as it removes shedding fur and helps to prevent hairballs.  Your cat will be gently massaged with the angled pins while his fur is being removed for a happier, healthier cat.  The non-slip handle is built with an ergonomic design so it is very comfortable on your hands. 

It is lightweight at 0.35 lbs. and has a dimension of 5" X 2.25" X 9'.


Surprisingly, my kitten loves this brush.  When I pick it up, she comes right to me. It is comfortable for my hands and is lightweight which is nice. It gets the job done and doesn’t fall apart like some do.


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