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JW Gripsoft Cat Comb

JW Gripsoft Cat Comb

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Product Description

Grooming your favorite feline will keep him healthy, happy and comfortable.  The JW GripSoft Cat Comb is the perfect solution to your kitty’s grooming needs with all you need to keep your long or medium haired furry friend looking great. 

Daily use of this innovative kitty comb keeps hairballs at a minimum and helps prevent matting too.  For tangles, use the Grip Soft Cat Brush prior to the Cat Comb.  The rubber handle features a non-slip curve so you can get a good grip on the situation, making grooming not only possible but pleasurable as well. 

The dimensions are 10.8" X 4" X 0.8" and it weighs in at just 0.32 lbs. so it’s super easy to use.


This Cat Comb has all I was looking for - lightweight, no-slip grip and durability. I am sick of the grooming supplies I purchase falling apart so I got this one which is definitely well made. Happy with the purchase. I will be getting the brush to go with it since my long-haired cat tends to get very matted.

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